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wwoodsokay, 5 minute grace period for people to come in12:02
wwoodsthe agenda is up at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Meetings/2007011712:02
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@wwoodsokay, who's actually here and alive?12:03
dmalcolmhi wwoods12:04
@wwoodsdmalcolm: hiya12:04
* lmacken 12:04
dmalcolmBRAINZ!  BRAINZ!12:04
@wwoodsso that's one mute and one zombie12:04
metherwwoods: I am here12:05
metheryou probably can try pinging everyone12:06
* wwoods pings a few folks12:07
@wwoodswell, anyway, I suspect this will be quick12:07
@wwoodsby the way.. are any of you going to FUDCon?12:07
lmackeni'll be there12:08
* dmalcolm plans to12:08
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@wwoodswell, cool. I'll see you guys there, at least12:08
@wwoodsI'm going to spend a day in the Westford RH office even. Whee!12:08
@wwoodsmmcgrath is currently working on getting us a Xen instance to host Fedora QA stuff12:09
@wwoodsso poelcat / dmalcolm, we will have somewhere to put tablecloth stuff Real Soon Now. We can also probably use http://hosted.fedoraproject.org/ to host the tests and tools (for fedora)12:10
@wwoodsanyway: Meeting officially starts.. now!12:10
poelcatwwoods: good to hear!12:11
dmalcolmit's the test results that are the pain at the moment12:11
@wwoodsagain, the agenda is at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Meetings/20070117 if you haven't seen it already12:11
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@wwoodsdmalcolm: really? well, we should have space for those in the xen instance, but I'm not sure about the upload mechanism12:11
@wwoodsbut I wanted to talk about a results server thingy later on, so hold that thought for a bit12:11
dmalcolmyeah, it depends how we tie it all together12:11
@wwoodsFirst and foremost is F7 - the freeze is one scant week away, and test1 is due for release 13 days from now12:12
@wwoods(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/7 has the schedule)12:12
@wwoodsI've got a feature-testing matrix at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/7/FeatureMatrix12:13
@wwoodswho here's got edit rights to the wiki?12:13
metherI do12:13
metherwhy are the tools to test the distributed going to be in hosted.fedoraproject.org instead of in the distribution itself12:13
metherIn fact the testing tools should be like the current hardware profiling plan. Automatically installed by default. Trivial to use12:14
@wwoodsmether: yes, but they aren't ready yet, and they'll need an upstream place to do development12:14
@wwoodsin addition, the tests themselves will never go into the distribution12:14
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@wwoodsso they'll need a place of their own to live12:15
metherwwoods: hosted is for project hosting. I think we need to use some other place for publishing test results12:15
@wwoodsmether: right, that's what the QA xen instance is going to be for12:15
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@wwoodswe should have http://qa.fedoraproject.org/ running off a xen instance Real Soon Now12:15
metherif they are not ready for the distribution, are they ready enough for rawhide or fedora extras-devel12:16
@wwoodsthat will be the place where we put test results, host the repository of tests, etc.12:16
metherhow about putting them in the test releases but not in the general release12:16
@wwoodsmether: you mean, having the test tools installed by default for test releases? that's a really good idea!12:17
@wwoodsdmalcolm: what's your opinion on the state of the the rhts tools12:17
metheryes. all the test tools installed by default for the test releases 12:17
metherIf they are rough on the edges but functional. thats ok12:17
@wwoodsdmalcolm: can we start pushing for inclusion in extras (and therefore rawhide)?12:17
dmalcolmwwoods: main issue at the moment is they put python scripts in a weird place12:17
@wwoodsmy last attempt to run a sample test was a bit wonky but dmalcolm has fixed the bug I saw.. we just need somewhere to put fixed packages12:18
dmalcolmwwoods: this was to allow a unified build across Fedora and multiple RHEL releases, without having the final RPM affected by python version12:18
Lovechildsorry I'm late.. meeting was right at dinner time12:18
dmalcolmwwoods: but really I should simply that12:18
@wwoodsLovechild: sorry about that! heh12:18
dmalcolmguess I need someone to host the SRPM during package review as well12:19
@wwoodsdmalcolm: yeah, I'd suggest branching12:19
dmalcolmwwoods: OK if I cut back on the test results on my people page?12:19
@wwoodsdmalcolm: if you're ready for review right this very moment I can offer my mac.com account12:19
@wwoodsdmalcolm: oh, that's fine12:19
@wwoodsif you can do that and use your people page to host the SRPMs, that'd be great12:20
dmalcolmthey're be lots of 404 not founds if people try to use them, but they're really just a prototype at the moment, not a usable solution, so I don't see that as a problem12:20
dmalcolmOK - will do12:20
poelcatdmalcolm: or temporarily put them on 108... I don't think there are space limits there12:20
@wwoodsAnyway, getting back to F7 for a big - Test1 freezes this coming Tuesday (yow!) and the release is 1 week later.12:21
@wwoodsIf you've got a spare machine for testing, please *please* try installing from (or upgrading to) rawhide once it freezes12:22
Lovechildman time seems to fly.. upgrading to Development as we speak12:22
@wwoodsif anyone else has a fedora account but no wiki-editing rights.. just ask, and I'll get you edit permissions12:22
Lovechildrisking my main machine.. what is life without adventure12:22
@wwoodsuntil we have something better, we're using the wiki to track test progress12:23
@wwoodsso us Official Testers will need to be able to edit the results matrix12:23
Lovechildokay I guess I should get around to creating one of them wiki accounts - set aside my hatred for wiki syntax and all12:23
@wwoodsLovechild: yeah, I hate it too, which is why I keep talking about Something Better - but we'll get to that in a bit12:24
metherLovechild: you better start being one of the official suckers 12:24
* EvilBob is glad he is not alone in his dislike of wiki12:24
Lovechildmaybe the test matrix should contain handy little links to the blocker and target bugs?12:24
@wwoodsFUDCon is 3 days after Test1 release, so we'll probably be putting it through its paces there12:25
Lovechildmether: I'm proud to be wwoods' minion.. I prefer not to call it being a sucker12:25
metherLovechild: politically correct12:25
metherhttps://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=FC7Blocker https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=FC7Target http://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/showdependencytree.cgi?id=FE7Target 12:25
metherthe tracker links12:25
LovechildI will be sending off that love day proposal really soon, I've unfortunately been seriously ill all december and now the pledge drive for Nouveau has taken away all my time. Luckily it all seems to have settled down12:26
@wwoodsLovechild: that feature matrix is just for tracking the features that are new in this release - we have another matrix for the general testing 12:26
@wwoodsbasically http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/ReleaseCriteria is what we need to test12:26
@wwoodsthe matrix is actually http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/TreeTestingTemplate12:27
dmalcolmI'm a little scared of the various spins in F712:27
EvilBobdmalcolm: How so?12:27
@wwoodsso the full matrix for F7 will be the Tree Testing Template (with the blocker/target bugs added to it) plus the F7 Feature Matrix12:27
@wwoodsluckily, I think about half of the Feature Matrix will be untestable at T1. heh12:28
dmalcolmisn't there a multiplicative combination between the spins on one axis and the Tree Testing on the other?12:28
@wwoodsLovechild: cool about the Love Day thing - can send me email (wwoods@redhat.com) with your fedora account name and some other info, so I can officially designate you as Dude In Charge for that stuff?12:29
@wwoodsdmalcolm: not really - the spins are all subsets of the Grand Combined F712:29
Lovechildwwoods: absolutely, I'll get to after the meeting12:29
@wwoodsfrom what I can tell, none of the spins involve a significant number of non-Core packages12:30
@wwoodswhich means that testing F7 as a whole should be sufficient for most functional / feature testing12:30
dmalcolmwwoods: ideally, yes, it should just work.  What happens if e.g. you try an upgrade from FC6 to F7 Desktop?12:30
Lovechildhas Rex Dieter got a suitable minion to help with the KDE spin testing - that's the one that worries me the most, they seem to be changing a lot of stuff and I have yet to see someone offer to be the QA-KDE sucker12:30
@wwoodsLovechild: not that I've heard.. we should probably ask him to designate a Test Lead for that12:31
Lovechildsounds good to me, but outside of that, we will all be sharing the same package base yet, no difference in anything but the default installed packages so the upgrade should be fine.. no? (aside corner cases which people are sure to hit during the F7 cycle if we politely request suckers)12:32
EvilBobdmalcolm: interesting Situation, I would assume that anaconda would handle unresolved dependencies as it does now when upgrading12:32
EvilBobdmalcolm: I honestly do not know the answer of "how the magic works"12:33
@wwoodsdmalcolm: I think maybe you're assuming the separate spins have separate repos?12:33
@wwoodsoh wait, I'm confusing myself12:33
Lovechilddmalcolm: I can try to mobilise some testers to try the FC6 to F7 upgrade at a suitable time.12:34
dmalcolmthe main issue to test for I guess is: "does an install work for each spin, given no network access?"12:34
@wwoodsyeah: if you're installing from F7 Desktop media, and you have packages that aren't in F7 Desktop, what will happen?12:34
@wwoodsIIRC anaconda's behavior will be as EvilBob suggests - ignore and move on12:34
Lovechildfetch from tha intaweb?12:34
dmalcolmI think there are some consistency checks that could be automated, for doing sanity checking on the output of pungi12:34
EvilBobwwoods: that is what I was thinking12:34
@wwoodsthat's how it handles extras packages with FC5->FC6 upgrades (without extras enabled)12:35
Lovechildif network unavailable, provide polite failure message12:35
@wwoodsRight now it silently leaves them un-upgraded, which is kind of dicey (but functional)12:35
Lovechildsounds scary with the Python ABI fun and all12:36
@wwoodsyeah, I guess the big problem is that we can't accurately predict that we won't break deps by doing the upgrade12:36
@wwoodsbut that's always a danger with system upgrades - stuff further from the core is more likely to break12:37
EvilBobI am going to be doing some "Pre-F7" spins this weekend using Pungi I will test this and let you guys know on list if I see any major issues12:37
@wwoodsluckily the fix is just a yum update away12:37
@wwoodsEvilBob: excellent, that will be much appreciated12:37
EvilBobthey would be FC5-FC6 targets spin upgrades12:37
@wwoodsso, what should each spin require, in terms of QA?12:38
EvilBobWe are merging our FC6 Tree tomorrow12:38
Lovechildso once we do have net connection it's a non issue12:38
@wwoodsIt'd be nice if there was a Test Lead (i.e. someone responsible for setting up a test matrix and updating it) for each spin.12:38
@wwoodsBut that begs the question: what's on that matrix?12:38
@wwoodsassuming that our full-blown F7 testing hits every feature and package, what are we required to re-test for a given spin?12:39
@wwoodsUpgrade is an obvious case12:39
@wwoodsProbably we want to do, e.g., Upgrade from Minimal FC6, Upgrade from Default FC6, and Upgrade from Default + KDE + some random extras FC612:40
@wwoodsDo we need to reconfirm the major features of the spin - e.g. for the Desktop spin you want to check that things like Firefox and Thunderbird and OOo work? Just to be sure there's no failed deps or anything? 12:41
@wwoodsOr does the simple act of installing suffice, since we've already tested firefox for F712:41
Lovechildto avoid the same fallout as Ubuntu had the last time due to the use of 3rd party repos should we detect those on upgrades and warn the user?12:41
@wwoodswhat kind of fallout?12:42
Lovechildthey saw a shit storm because upgrades failed for users who used that evil "install my nvidia driver and codec program"12:42
Lovechildso for users who have say livna enabled, on upgrade time should we do something to preemptive avoid that kind of mess.. 12:43
poelcathow many 3rd party repos do you try to test?12:44
@wwoodsdoes that actually cause us problems?12:45
* thl wonders what kind of mess Lovechild really means in precise 12:45
Lovechildit might 99% of our desktop userbase is sure to have it enable12:45
BobJensenupgrades with software from third party repos is nearly untestable at this point12:45
@wwoodsright, I mean.. I have livna enabled12:45
@wwoodsbut my upgrade to FC6 was relatively painless12:45
BobJensenwwoods: same here12:46
LovechildI can say that currently their development tree causes a rather interesting conflict where totem-xine wants to be installed for some reason12:46
thllivna normally tries to make sure updates work fine; but you of course need to point yum to the new repo, too (but that will happen normally automatically with a updated fedora-release package)12:46
@wwoodsAs a matter of fact I think it Just Worked, because livna already had their FC6 repo ready 12:46
thlLovechild, that should be fixed; bugzilla.livna.org is you friend if not12:46
Lovechildokay, then I'm considerably less worried12:46
@wwoodsAnd since anaconda's default behavior for unknown packages is to ignore it and move on.. nothing bad really happens, if memory serves12:47
@wwoodsbut! it's a very good idea for us to keep in contact with the livna folks and other 3rd-party-repo maintainers and make sure they are able to test their stuff with the F7 test releases12:48
@wwoodsso they'll be ready when the release drops12:48
poelcatwwoods: I think that is good way to put it12:48
LovechildI'll remember to include it in some regular upgrade tests from FC6 to Development just to catch nastiness12:49
@wwoodsI think weird legal issues keep us RH employees from helping actively12:49
@wwoodsbut yes, it's definitely a good thing to check, to make sure it doesn't blow up12:49
Lovechildnot being a RH overlord I'll put that on my tasklist then?12:49
@wwoodsdoing updates with livna packages installed? oh, we can do that stuff, but I certainly won't discourage you from doing so12:50
@wwoodsbut, for instance, I really shouldn't send patches to livna to fix their specfiles for F712:51
@wwoodsbut we can certainly talk to them and help them fix their own stuff12:51
Lovechildokay sounds good12:51
@wwoodsLovechild, you're probably allowed to help however you like, but I'm no lawyer12:51
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@wwoodsso anyway, it sounds like the testing we want to do for each spin is:12:52
@wwoods1) upgrades  2) basic functional testing to make sure it does what it's supposed to12:52
@wwoodsare we going to want to run all the automated tests for each spin, too?12:53
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Lovechildsince the CodecBuddy thing is going to be likely to point people at Fluendo, I'll do tests to ensure that their codec packs actually work with F7 - I'm on their beta team already so it's not a huge additional task12:53
@wwoodsLovechild: oh nice, that would be great12:54
Lovechildwhich they currently don't, I think GStreamer in Devel is fucked12:54
@wwoodsonce Test1 appears, there will be a big F7Test1TestMatrix page on the wiki, with all the features and required testing for Test112:54
Lovechildbut I'm waiting for the upgrade to the latest gst.. whenever that happens12:55
@wwoodstest it up good and report your findings to any one of us with wiki access (me, mether.. poelcat? anyone else?)12:55
BobJensenI have Wiki access12:55
@wwoodsBobJensen: cool12:55
@wwoodsokay, so me, mether, BobJensen.. there will be a list on the test matrix page that says "report your findings on the fedora-qa mailing list or #fedora-qa"12:56
@wwoodserr, "or the following people on #fedora-qa: ..."12:57
@wwoodsor maybe I don't need the list, they can just report it here12:57
@wwoodsthat probably works fine12:57
Lovechildsounds fine12:57
dmalcolmBTW does the fedora-qa list exist yet?12:57
@wwoodsdmalcolm: no, actually, so s/fedora-qa/fedora-test-list/ for now12:57
* BobJensen added this channel to his auto join list today12:57
@wwoodsbut yes, anyone with wiki rights can add people's reports to the matrix - assuming you believe them to be trustworthy12:58
@wwoodsI trust your judgement here, there's really no motivation for people to lie about things working12:58
Lovechilddanwalsh taught nme never to trust anyone12:58
@wwoodsbut it's much better if you know and trust the person, or if you can confirm their results12:58
@wwoodsit seems like we almost never see reports where people claim something works when it doesn't12:59
Lovechildyeah I know, I'll see if I can't get some people with hardware I know normally causes issue (they guy who run to me to complain that Fedora sucks basically) to test it12:59
@wwoodsoh, also - check the items on the Feature matrix. they each have a "test plan" section, but some of them are empty13:00
@wwoodsso if there's something in there that you don't know how to test, bother the responsible people to help you test it13:00
@wwoodsif they want to get a feature in, they'd damn well better be able to tell us how to make it work13:00
@wwoodsand make sure the "Test Plan" section gets updated so others can test13:01
@wwoodsdmalcolm: as for automated testing - are you willing to be the Responsible Party for pushing the rhts tools into extras/rawhide?13:02
@wwoodsI'm sure we'll all help however we can but I need someone to be the caretaker for it13:02
@wwoodsif you don't have the spare cycles that's understandable13:03
dmalcolmwwoods: yes, I'll try to get that done by next week's meeting, though am somewhat doomed with RHEL5 ATM13:03
dmalcolmor at least, in for review13:03
dmalcolmany volunteers to review it?13:03
@wwoodswell, I've got one package in Extras.. dunno if that qualifies me for review or what13:04
@wwoodsif it simplifies things, I can put it up for review (since I'm already a contributor and I don't know if you are)13:04
@wwoodsbut I'd need to be able to bug you to help me fix whatever comes up. heh.13:04
@wwoodsThe two things I want to do at FUDCon are testing Test1 and write a whole mess of RHTS tests for it13:06
dmalcolmfair enough13:06
@wwoodswe need the tools available for that.. and, even better, I'd love them to be in Test1 by default13:06
poelcatwwoods: wrt to source control for automated test code... what is the next step (i'm not sure who needs to take the next action)?13:06
dmalcolmtalk to jkeating?13:06
@wwoodspoelcat: mmcgrath is, right now, setting us up the xen instance. I'm not sure if he's the guy to talk to about hosted.fp.o or if jkeating is13:07
lmackenjkeating is13:07
@wwoodspoelcat: do you want to be in charge of talking to him and setting up the initial import for fedora?13:08
poelcatI thought jkeating's focus was expermimental version control (researching a new one)13:08
poelcatwe need one for "production" :)13:08
poelcatwwoods: yes, I'll take the action item 13:08
@wwoodsand I guess I'm going to spearhead getting the tools into Extras/rawhide/Test1 (with assistance from dmalcolm)13:09
@wwoodsare we going to need to have a fedora-specific branch of the code (that lives at hosted.fp.o), and that's what we'll submit?13:09
@wwoodsor can I just submit the tools as they are?13:09
* wwoods ding - meeting has been 1 hour - will try to finish up quickly13:10
lmackeni've got a quick status update on the updates system as well :)13:10
@wwoodslmacken: oh excellent, that's totally the next thing I want to talk about13:10
lmackenI moved the fedora-updates-system code over to our shiny new hosting setup.  Since this code is going to have multiple instances (Fedora, RH, etc), I figured the base code should be (and already is) distro-independent, so I renamed the project to bodhi.13:11
lmacken(our fedora bodhi instance could still be called fedora-updates-system, or whatever)13:11
lmackenI've found Trac to be pretty awesome so far, and it should make this project a LOT easier to work with (compared to the wiki + ORTS).  I also migrated the code from CVS -> mercurial, which is definitely the least-shitty SCM i've ever used :)13:11
lmackenI have yet to migrate all of the tasks from the UpdatesSystem wiki over to Trac, especially the update Testing/feedback one, which we should probably flesh out the requirements for a a bit right now...13:11
lmackenso we ideally want comment/feedback support for each update, with some sort of rating system? (WFM/b0rked?)13:13
@wwoodsyes, I had talked before about wanting to build that stuff into bodhi13:13
lmackenand make filing bugs trivial (maybe provide the interface in the updates system and have it create bugs automagically?13:13
Lovechildsounds like a really nice addition, as always luke delivers13:13
dmalcolmvery nice13:13
lmackenLovechild: haha13:13
@wwoodslmacken: yeah, that's what I'd love to see13:14
Lovechildinsert lame joke about feel the source luke13:14
@wwoodsI've actually been messing with the idea of a central test tracker thing13:14
@wwoodsbut I'm not sure how it should relate to the QA bits in the updates system13:15
Lovechildoh that would be absolutely the coolest thing ever (outside anything the army of Ingos has written)13:15
lmackenwwoods: yeah, we need to do some high level design of this stuff at FUDCon13:15
@wwoodslmacken: definitely - I have to talk to jlaska here about testify for a while longer13:16
lmackenwwoods: i'll add a ticket to the bodhi 1.0 milestone for test feedback and such13:16
@wwoodsbecause, like, the test feedback stuff for the updates tool.. well, that same widget should be available for something that has a list of F7 features13:16
@wwoodsinstead of updates-testing packages13:16
Lovechildwill there be some way of joining your people at FUDcon via IRC.. or hopefully at least some videos or something.. I hate being european and all but I can't help it13:17
@wwoodsso you have the same "WFM/b0rken" interface, same "enter your reason" field13:17
@wwoodsexcept the bug is filed against a tracker for that feature instead of a tracker for that package13:17
lmackenwwoods: reusable widgets are dead simple to write in TurboGears :)13:17
BobJensenLovechild: Many of us will be on IRC I hope13:17
@wwoodsand that widget should *also* report to a central thingy that has a big list of packages and features that make up a release13:18
@wwoodsand each of those items would have results from the bodhi QA widget, the featuretracker QA widget, beaker's automated results, etc.13:18
@wwoodslmacken: awesome. if you can keep that in mind for the QA-feedback bit, it would be reeeeally helpful13:19
lmackenmost definitely...13:19
@wwoodsbecause I'm still a turbogears novice13:19
Lovechildso we'd have a tracker for the features which would point to the relevant bugs blocking that feature.. sounds sane..13:19
BobJensenLovechild: The Fedora unity project uses a tool called "gobby" from extras for code collaboration13:19
lmackenBobJensen: I maintain gobby for extras :)13:20
lmackeni was thinking about setting up a gobby session for FUDCon hackery.. but we'll see.13:20
LovechildI'm honestly not a bit fan of gobby but I guess I could learn13:20
BobJensenlmacken: We have a static sobby session running all the time13:20
lmackenLovechild: yeah it needs work, but there's really nothing better out there in the OSS world (that i know of)13:21
poelcatwwoods: what about an actual conference call (voice/audio) for this meeting ocassionally using some kind voip conferencing system?13:21
@wwoodsLovechild: yeah, something that's a bit easier to deal with than editing a wiki.. something you can log into with your fedora account and check the "yes, this worked for me on ppc" box13:21
BobJensenLovechild: there is room for improvement13:21
@wwoodspoelcat: might not be a bad idea, but I'm not sure how to set it up13:21
@wwoodsand yeah, I'll try to stay on IRC during FUDCon as much as is reasonable13:21
@wwoods(I probably won't IRC from the bar.. but you never know)13:21
Lovechildpoelcat: maybe once telepathy gets widely used that will be possible13:22
Lovechildwwoods: I dare you13:22
BobJensenthat is what hand helds are for13:22
poelcatgigE telepathic ethernet13:23
* lmacken has to run off to class13:23
Lovechildman I hate being european at times like this, I always miss out on all the good Fedora in person fun13:23
-!- c4chris [n=chris@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]13:23
@wwoodsalas, I have no treo/blackberry/etc. I'm sure I won't be the only one with the idea though13:23
BobJensenLovechild: one of my contributors is coming over form the Netherlands13:23
Lovechildanyways are we about ready to wrap this thing up?13:24
poelcati've been making 800# calls with Ekiga and a headset13:24
@wwoodsLovechild: I'm hoping they'll eventually send the US-based Fedora Folks across the pond one of these times13:24
@wwoodsanyway! lmacken, thanks for the update and let me know when you want to discuss the QA feedback widget further13:24
Lovechildwwoods: sounds like a plan, with any luck I'll be in Brazil at the time visiting friends and promoting the OLPC13:24
lmackenwwoods: will do13:24
@wwoodsLovechild: ha13:24
-!- c4chris [n=chris@] has joined #fedora-qa13:24
* lmacken &13:25
Lovechildare we about ready to wrap up?13:25
@wwoodspoelcat: interesting, I've never messed with ekiga. Might have to check it out, or see if we can get a RH conference set up for people to dial into13:25
Lovechildor shall I consider that the state now that we've gone way off topic13:25
BobJensenSee you all at FUDCon or here another day13:25
@wwoodsbut yeah, I think we're about done here.13:25
@wwoodsI'm postponing Bugzilla RPG work until after F7 is released, I think13:26
Lovechildhave fun at FUDCon you lucky bastards.. buy Jesse a drink for me13:26
@wwoodsOh - another meeting next week?13:26
@wwoodsTest1 freeze is tuesday, we could meet wed. or thur. to discuss status13:27
Lovechildif needed, with FUDcon, the freeze and things I might think a meeting would be good13:27
BobJensenLovechild: I agree13:27
@wwoodsTest1 freeze is 6 days, Release is a week after that, FUDCon is 3 days after that13:27
Lovechildmaybe Thursday would be good, that's 2 days into the freeze, that should give us a fair idea of how test1 is going to look13:28
@wwoodssounds fine. Is this time good?13:28
* wwoods willing to shift to accomodate13:28
Lovechildan hour earlier or 2 hours later  would be great for me otherwise I might be late like this time13:29
@wwoodsokay then: 1600UTC, Thursday January 2513:29
@wwoodsgoing once.. going twice13:29
BobJensenI do not have my schedule handy to check on other meetings13:29
Lovechildotherwise just schedule something and I'll make time, I'm not that important anyways13:30
BobJensenBut I will deal with what ever is the rule13:30
-!- bpepple [n=bpepple@adsl-75-42-218-118.dsl.wotnoh.sbcglobal.net] has left #fedora-qa ["Ex-Chat"]13:30
@wwoodsBobJensen: yeah, we'll probably be hanging around in here anyway13:30
@wwoodstestin' away13:30
Lovechildsounds good to me13:31
@wwoodsso if it does conflict we'll fill you in later13:31
@wwoodsokay then! meeting officially adjourned13:31
@wwoodsthanks for your time and all the help, guys13:31
Lovechildsexy time.. I can just make it to the store to more coke!13:31
@wwoodsthe log will be on the wiki ASAP13:31
-!- mharris [n=mharris@fedora/mharris] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]13:32
@wwoodsand soon.. we'll have a site for hosting that stuff.. so I can do html-colored logs! woo readability!13:32
--- Log closed Wed Jan 17 13:32:46 2007

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