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* f13 11:06
wwoodsI don't want to take real long with this, since we've got plenty of Alpha testin' to do11:07
-!- wwoods changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora QA | F10Alpha11:08
wwoodsthere's the current test results11:08
wwoodsrdieter: hiya11:09
wwoodsf13: is there a public alpha tree/repo?11:09
wwoodsrdieter: did we end up pulling in KDE 4.1 for alpha? is there anything that needs special attention?11:10
rdieterI asked f13 to do that (4.1), but not sure if anything happened there.  no special attention required.11:11
f13wwoods: not yet.  the repos I was making I found a flaw in them, I'm making a new public alpha repo11:11
f13rdieter: did you ever get me the list of things to tag?11:12
f13I think I forgot about that yseterday11:12
rdieterf13: I'll email you a list (thx)11:12
f13it might be a bit late..11:13
rdieterok, no biggie, just a nice-thing-to-have(tm)11:13
wwoodsif we end up respinning, will we pull that in? or is that too much churn?11:14
wwoodsany other SIG reps here? any alpha-specific stuff?11:14
f13wwoods: we'll, I've already started the mash for today, we get basically one of those a day.  If we delay longer, it gets harder to hit our release date11:15
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wwoodshaving KDE 4.1 in the alpha would look nice for marketing/PR, but that's not worth wrecking the schedule over, I think11:16
wwoodsso when's the last chance for respinning and when do we need the go/no go11:16
f13need to have valid mash output by then for making the trees and starting syncing11:16
wwoodsso, tomorrow.11:17
wwoodsand when will images be public? the following tuesday?11:18
f13yeah, which means if we pull in 4.1 and it breaks everything....11:18
rdieternot worth it then, imo, it'll be there for the next test release.11:18
wwoodsfair 'nuff11:19
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wwoodsf10alpha tracker bug11:20
wwoodsmoving bug 453678 to f10blocker - we've got a workaround11:21
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=453678 high, high, ---, Peter Jones, ASSIGNED , booting with encrypted root fails unless you have plymouth installed11:21
wwoodsbug 442061 is a blocker for live images11:22
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=442061 low, low, ---, William Jon McCann, ASSIGNED , graphical apps unable to start as root in user session11:22
wwoodsapparently there's a fix on the way?11:22
wwoodsit's a gdm bug, I guess11:22
wwoodsf13: we'll need to keep an eye on that one. I hadn't realized we might need to pull a new gdm.11:23
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f13wwoods: "that one" ?11:23
wwoodsf13: 442061, the aforementioned blocker for live images11:24
f13unable to start as root?11:24
f13why would anybody be logging in as root on the live images?11:24
jeremyf13: no, it's that apps can't run as any user other than the one who started the x session11:25
wwoodsno, read the bug - it breaks consolehelper11:25
jeremywhich means that anything using consolehelper (like, say, installing) doesn't work11:25
wwoodsso you can't run system-config-* or anaconda... yeah11:25
f13ok, do we have a fixed package yet?11:26
wwoodsjmccann said he was testing a fix 2 days ago11:26
wwoodsdon't see him on IRC anywhere11:27
wwoodswe'll come back to that in #fedora-qa later, I'm sure11:29
wwoodsBug 452799 - segfaults with encrypted root + plymouth11:30
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=452799 low, low, ---, Ray Strode, ASSIGNED , segfault in libdevmapper booting with encrypted root + plymouth11:30
wwoodsIIRC pjones was talking about building a fix for that yesterday11:30
wwoodslooks like mkinitrd-6.0.56-1.fc10 is supposed to fix that11:31
wwoodsperhaps requiring plymouth-0.5.0-6.fc10 as well11:31
wwoodswe should ping halfline/pjones and see if those are needed for alpha11:31
wwoodsaand bug 457144 - no menu on media - I think is supposed to be fixed with the new anaconda build11:31
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=457144 low, low, ---, Anaconda Maintenance Team, MODIFIED , No graphical menu from isolinux on F10Alpha media11:31
halflinewwoods: well the fix isn't tested yet11:32
halflinewwoods: and there are already release notes mentioning the problem11:32
halflinewwoods: if the alpha is really supposed to be a no freeze snapshot of where we stand with a low bar of expectations then I don't think it really matters if we get the fix in for the alpha11:33
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f13<pjones> f13: you want mkinitrd-6.0.56-1.fc10 and the plymouth halfline is maybe building nowish, I think.11:34
f13so we do need a newer mkinitrd than I'm mashing right now11:34
jlaskahalfline: how difficult is the fix for that issue?11:34
jlaskais that something that won't be ready in time11:34
wwoodsmostly I'm concerned with making sure people can get the thing onto their systems, if they want to test 11:34
f13(tagged mkinitrd, I'll populate the bleed repo with it shortly)11:34
halflinejlaska: in theory the fix is done, just need to push a build to make the requires deps right11:34
wwoodswe don't need every fix in the world but things that keep people from booting or being able to get updates.. are bad11:34
halflineyou tagged mkinitrd?11:35
wwoodsor things that make it so you can't install.11:35
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halflinewell this doesn't prevent people from booting11:35
halflineit only prevents people from booting if they mistype their password11:35
jlaskahalfline: aaah that's right ... and you've already release noted that iir11:36
halflinetagging the mkinitrd is effectly pulling in the untested fix11:36
f13Ok, there is a new gdm build to test,
halflineso if you're going to tag it you should test it11:36
halflineand if it doesn't work untag it11:36
f13halfline: that's typically how we do things.11:36
f13maintainer told me we needed $foo, I tagged $foo11:37
f13if $foo breaks, I beat maintainer over the head11:37
halflinebut pjones didn't say we needed it did he?11:37
f13<f13> <pjones> f13: you want mkinitrd-6.0.56-1.fc10 and the plymouth halfline is maybe building nowish, I think.11:37
halflinethat was in response to you asking what would be needed to get the untested fix :-)11:38
f13did I say anything about "untested"11:38
halflineno, that was me11:38
f13so while these word games are fun, we have a freaking alpha to get out.11:38
halflineright. i personally wouldn't have tagged it just because it's an unknown11:39
halflinebut meh, it probably works11:39
wwoodsyeah if the *only* bug fixed by those updates is plymouth crashing when you mistype your password on encrypted root filesystems11:39
wwoodsI'd leave it for post-alpha11:39
f13halfline: you personally have a lot more knowledge about the build than I do.  I asked what we needed to fix a bug, I was given a build.  Am I supposed to take a vote from all the people involved, or read minds?11:40
wwoodsbut bug 452799 seemed to say that *everyone* with encrypted root filesystems would be hosed11:40
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=452799 low, low, ---, Ray Strode, ASSIGNED , segfault in libdevmapper booting with encrypted root + plymouth11:40
halflinewell wwoods asked for my opinion and i gave it11:41
halflineanyway, no big deal either way. it's easy to untag if it causes problems and if it doesn't cause problems the alpha will be better11:41
f13can we move on yet?11:41
wwoodswe've tagged the files, so let's move on11:41
wwoodsand now we know it won't be terrible if we need to untag.11:42
halflinemy only concerns are11:42
halfline1) someone tests it before release 2) someone updates the release notes if it works11:42
wwoodsyeah, alindebe and f13 and I will take care of 111:42
wwoodsand one of us will take 2) 11:43
wwoodsonce we've tested.11:43
f13wwoods: speaking of moving on, the iso I just booted from .5 does indeed fix the graphical isolinux11:43
wwoodsso I think that covers all the known bugs on the trackers11:43
wwoodsf13: hot! mark it: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=45714411:43
buggbotBug 457144: low, low, ---, Anaconda Maintenance Team, MODIFIED , No graphical menu from isolinux on F10Alpha media11:43
f13and ppc has boot.iso11:43
wwoodscallooh callay11:43
wwoodsdo we know what (if anything) we need to do for gdm / LiveCD stuff?11:44
wwoodsoh, I forgot a bug: bug 45642411:45
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=456424 high, high, ---, Control Center Maintainer, NEW , gnome-appearance-properties failed to start11:45
wwoodsI'm almost positive that's fixed11:45
wwoodsso we won't worry about it11:45
wwoodsso, okay, we'll figure out what to do with gdm after we retest some stuff and talk to gdm folks and after I get a bagel or something11:46
wwoodsanything else to discuss for alpha?11:46
f13wwoods: there is a new gdm to test/tag11:46
wwoodsf13: rad. okay then.11:48
wwoodsthat should cover the whole tracker list11:48
wwoodshuzzah, etc.11:48
wwoodsthere's some rawhide badness that I'm trying to work out11:49
f13so the .5 tree is minus mkinitrd/plymouth and gdm11:49
f13those are the only extra things to consider for .611:49
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wwoods...that we know of.11:49
* wwoods fingers crossed11:50
wwoodsf13: any ETA on a public tree? would we wait for .6 for that?11:50
f13either that or for mmcgrath to work out the compose host in PHX issues11:50
f13oh the public mashing would be missing those packages as well11:51
f13public mash should be done around 4~ this afternoon11:51
f13that people coudl compose against11:51
f13(minus mkinitrd/plymouth/gdm)11:51
wwoodsalright - drop a URL in #fedora-qa when it's ready11:52
wwoodswe'll keep working on testing11:52
wwoodsmake notes of bugs in the test results page and we'll summarize that stuff for the release notes tomorrow11:52
wwoodsif there's nothing else...?11:53
wwoodsokay then! kapow, meeting over11:54
wwoodsback to testing! https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/TestResults/Fedora10Install/Alpha11:54
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