wwoodsso, hi! QA meeting will start in ~5min11:02
wwoodsif you're here for that, say hi11:02
wwoodsI was hoping Test2 would be out by now. Alas.11:03
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BobJensenHey wwoods11:05
wwoodspoelcat: ping11:06
wwoodsBobJensen: howdy, man11:06
poelcatwwoods: pong11:06
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wwoodspoelcat: hey dude. Are you going to be on the RHTS call later today?11:06
poelcatwwoods: yes11:07
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wwoodspoelcat: okay cool. I'm supposed to talk about some plans for beaker11:07
poelcatwwoods: sounds good :)11:08
wwoodsso we might talk about that a bit here, if people are interested11:08
poelcatwwoods: is there any "advanced reading material?"11:08
wwoodsI'm not sure what you mean by "advanced" in this context11:09
Bob-LaptopI am interested buut a little distracted with *work day*11:09
wwoodsyeah, understandable11:11
wwoodsBob-Laptop: have you been messing with rawhide at all? any questions, anything to report?11:11
wwoodsI've got a couple interesting notes - apparently trying a yum update can *really* screw you up11:11
Bob-Laptopwwoods: No I am finishing up a project on the hardware I run rawhide on hopefully today11:11
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wwoodsBob-Laptop: cool! well, Test2 is actually fairly easy to install, although there was reportedly a bug installing 11:13
the Development tools on x86_64/ppc64
wwoodsbut there's a workaround updates.img for it already in the tree11:13
wwoodsso it shouldn't effect anyone.. we hope11:13
wwoodsI was unable to reproduce it, so... yeah11:14
Bob-Laptopthis is an older x86 box so I don't expect problems plus with several hundred or thousand installs under my 11:14
belt not much slows me down other than total breakage
wwoodsanyway, as always, the install test matrix is here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/7/Test2TreeTesting11:15
wwoodsI've got a test matrix (of sorts) for the proposed features: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/7/FeatureMatrix11:15
wwoodsI'll probably make a copy of that so we can track Test2's progress11:15
wwoodsso yes, go forth and test test2, report results on the list or in #fedora-qa11:18
wwoodstwo other things I want to mention:11:18
wwoodsKarsten Wade (quaid) is kicking around a slightly friendlier web page for Guided Bug Reporting11:19
wwoodsbasically it'll be some shortcuts through the process - e.g. "for suspend/resume problems, go here" will link 11:19
directly to the right place for bugs for that
wwoodsI'll send out a link and ask for comments on the mailing list (I can't find the page right now)11:20
wwoodslastly, Beaker - the roadmap is stalled from sometime in October of last year11:21
wwoodsand actually a bunch of the roadmap items are still good (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/Beaker)11:21
wwoodsbut, basically, I think we're not getting much of anywhere with it because tests are harder to write than they need 11:22
to be, and there's not much payoff
wwoodsthere's no public-facing results server, nothing you could set up like that on a home machine, etc.11:23
wwoodsso I think our next step will be to define a simple, common API/format for test results, and build a simple (and 11:24
nice-looking) results server
wwoodsso when you run tests, Stuff Happens and it looks nice.11:24
wwoodsSo yeah, I think removing some of the friction of test-writing and having obvious payoff when you run a test (and 11:27
thus a reason to submit tests to the Big Test System) will be awesome
wwoodsthat's really all I wanted to talk about right now11:27
wwoodsanyone here have stuff they want to talk about?11:27
wwoodsautomated testing, general QA, bugzilla stuff, triage, whatever?11:27
kanaripautomated testing, yeah11:27
kanaripwe've build scripts to load vmware guests with our re-spins and live-spins, but i need some way to collect the 11:28
kanaripso my first question would be: if i place a test.sh in the media root, how can i copy it to the filesystem so it 11:28
is available after the reboot?
kanaripi don't quite understand the chroot and nochroot, i can't get my finger behind it either11:29
wwoodsoh, in kickstart? chroot means "run this inside the system you just installed"11:29
wwoodsand nochroot means "run this in the installer's environment"11:29
wwoodsso if you wanted to copy something from the media root to the installed system11:30
wwoodsyou'd need nochroot11:30
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wwoodsthe installed system will be under /mnt/sysimage, I think?11:30
kanaripso a %post with --nochroot, does a cp -a /test.sh /mnt/sysimage/ ?11:30
kanaripthen, is there anyway to get the messages from during the install to be saved on the system's filesystem?11:31
wwoodsyeah, that would put it on the root of the installed system11:31
wwoodskanarip: sure, in SNAKE I have a %post script that does that11:31
kanaripcan i have that script?11:31
wwoodsthat's with nochroot11:32
wwoodsit saves the anaconda logs to /root/snake11:32
wwoods(also a list of files in /tmp, as you see)11:34
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kanaripwhat is the shell at that time, btw?11:34
kanarip/bin/sh ?11:34
wwoodsyou can tell kickstart to use a different shell, if you like11:35
wwoodsbut IIRC it defaults to /bin/sh11:35
kanaripthat should suffice11:35
kanaripok great11:35
kanaripi'll go with this for now11:36
kanaripthanks ;-)11:36
wwoodsI think you could do, for instance, %post --interpreter=/usr/bin/python11:37
wwoodsanyway, no problem11:37
wwoodsanyone else?11:37
wwoodsokay then - meeting adjourned11:40
wwoodsthanks people!11:42

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