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* wwoods begins the log10:06
wwoodsokay. I don't have a big agenda to get through today10:06
wwoodsI've been working on rewriting the QA pages on the wiki to help people get started in QA10:06
wwoods(unfortunately, no wiki right now, so you'll have to take my word for it)10:07
f13I believe you10:07
rickyI got to it, just really slowly.10:07
wwoodsI've also been talking with Len DiMaggio about QA plans for Fedora - he's got decades of experience in the industry with this stuff so it's good to see what he thinks of our efforts10:08
wwoodsanyway, quick roll call: Lovechild, f13, mether, rdieter, nirik, mkanat: who's here?10:09
mkanatI am.10:09
metherI am10:10
mkanatKind of randomly, really. :-)10:10
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f13wwoods: wonk.10:10
wwoodsLovechild: I finally put links to the Fedora QA schedule on the QA page10:10
wwoods(see near the bottom, under Regular Meetings)10:10
wwoodsin theory we had a Bug Day on Monday the 19th. did that happen?10:11
wwoodsmether: ah well10:11
wwoodsWell. I have another one scheduled for Monday the 3rd10:12
wwoods(it's even on the calendar)10:12
wwoodsI'd like to go through some new F8 bugs, but there's a lot. probably we should choose a couple of subsystems10:12
wwoodssound and kernel, for instance10:12
wwoodsAnyway, I'll post to test-list after this about it10:14
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wwoodsanyone who has a suggestion for things to examine can speak up there10:14
metheris there important bugs filed against Fedora 8 that we should look at?10:15
f13that requires triaging10:16
wwoodsThere's nothing I know of that's not on Bugs/F8Common10:16
f13which is some of the point of bug days10:16
metherIn a number of systems, it seems firstboot doesnt show up but I havent seen any specific bug reports on that for instance10:16
wwoodsbut.. yes, f13's got it10:16
mkanatmether: Yes, I filed the bug that's probably the source of most of that.10:16
methermkanat: great. whats the bug number?10:16
mkanatmether: I'll go find it.10:17
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metherI will add that to the common bugs list10:17
* mkanat wishes bugzilla.redhat.com was new enough that buggbot could query it.10:17
rdieterfwiw, I triaged a whole bunch of kde bugs on the 19th, resulting in closing a  whole slew of ancient bugs, and marking many newer ones NEEDINFO.10:18
mkanatbug 36495110:18
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=364951 high, high, ---, Chris Lumens, ASSIGNED , firstboot doesn't start if network connection fails10:18
metheri have seen atleast a dozen different posts10:19
metherand a few people in my office have hit this bug10:19
mkanatIt's most likely that.10:19
methervery likely10:20
metherironically, I spend more time in this release checking out how yum upgrade works and didnt test Anaconda much10:20
mkanatHeh. :-)10:21
mkanatWell, I have to say, yum upgrade worked really well for me, so... :-D10:21
Lovechildfor what it's worth, here - I just zoned out for a bit10:21
methermkanat: yes. I think it has worked pretty well this release10:21
metherwwoods: there was some discussions in fedora-devel list about testing anaconda10:21
metherwwoods: in the context of the upgrade problems (actually a yum issue)10:22
mkanatmether: Yeah. :-)10:22
wwoodsmether: yeah, I saw that there was a discussion but didn't read it10:22
LovechildI thought SNAKE was going to be our savior on anaconda issues10:22
metherLovechild: it was Kate before. I dont know if SNAKE is any better10:22
metherhas anyone worked with it?10:22
wwoodsunfortunately snake only helps when we have good inputs10:22
wwoodslike package lists10:22
f13really what would help more than anything is getting more and more people to test upgrades during the development cycle.10:23
wwoodsunless we knew in advance what package sets to try, we wouldn't have hit this10:23
* poelcat is here10:23
f13if we had better utilities to say snapshot your system, attempt an upgrade, note failures, restore to old snapshot this would be much more compelling10:23
f13We can do some of that with virt, but...10:24
poelcatmether: we attempted to have a bug day... a few people stopped by10:24
metherI think the release criteria should include testing without a network connection10:24
f13the real value is in testing this stuff on people's day to day machines.10:24
f13mether: feel free to add it.10:24
wwoodsmether: that's reasonable. 10:24
metherpoelcat: yes we *attempted*. It didnt really happen10:24
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methernot blaming anyone. it just didnt10:24
Lovechildf13: that sounds like a compelling idea, some kind of tool to build an image pre update would seem to be a good idea10:24
f13Lovechild: we need such tools anyway, and the ability to restore to said image outside the system (shoudl the system become hosed) from like a rescue kit.10:25
f13Lovechild: the OS X time machine stuff is extremely neat10:25
* wwoods bought a mac mini this week, didn't get Leopard on it (!@%!@##&)10:26
Lovechildf13: could we build it into the rescue cd, it would be a simple boot - the only problem is really restoring the system.10:26
wwoodsthere's vestigial snapshot/rollback support stuff in yum and rpm10:27
f13wwoods: take it back!10:27
Lovechildso what we really need is a filesystem that natively supports that kind of snapshotting such as btrfs10:27
f13wwoods: we want it outside rpm/yum10:27
wwoodsf13: nah, I'll just give 'em $10 and make 'em send me a copy10:27
f13wwoods: it needs to be general purpose so that it catches silly "I just deleted my home directory" stuff.10:27
wwoodsand/or "borrow" a copy in the meantime10:27
wwoodsf13: seriously? that's *our* problem?10:27
f13Lovechild: LVM can easily do snapshots, regardless of file system.10:27
f13wwoods: it's Fedora's problem.10:27
Lovechildf13: that's not silly, that's tragic.. think of all porn10:28
f13wwoods: we seriously need something like time machine, or XP's snapshot system.10:28
metherLovechild: that might take a year or two if we are relying on that specific filesystem. LVM's seems to be a better answer to me10:28
f13Lovechild: there is a Feature for RescueKit, a greatly improved rescue image.10:28
wwoodsyes, it's a need, but it's not a QA problem10:28
f13wwoods: sure, it would just help make QA more compelling if one could reliably recover from a failed attempt10:28
wwoodsoh absolutely10:29
Lovechildmether: lvm is appealing but it's definitely not without it's downfalls either the tools to use it are abominable10:29
metherf13: btw what happened to the idea of dropping the boot.iso and just using rescue iso images for everything?10:29
mkanatEven just doing, "Here's a list of packages installed, and then do this, and then try an upgrade" would probably work.10:29
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metherLovechild: idk. if you understand the concepts, the tools seem fairly logical to me10:30
f13mether: that's in the Anaconda feature pages.10:30
Lovechildalso lvm has some known performance issues on raid setups, cutting my throughput in half thanks to a bolt on solution10:30
metheranyway back to topic10:30
metheris there anything specific to discuss?10:30
f13Lovechild: to be fair, system-config-lvm has improved over time.10:30
wwoodsmkanat: right10:30
Lovechildmether: we are talking about a time machine like things here.. that actual users can operate, lvm is far to complex currently it needs serious sugar10:30
f13bugzilla change is upcoming, I really think somebody needs to make more noise about this.10:30
poelcatf13 noise about what?10:31
wwoodswhich bugzilla change?10:31
metherLovechild: The Apple underlying technologies are similar too. If you think we need better gui's, I wont argue with that10:31
f13wwoods: devel -> rawhide10:32
f13and removing the test releases.10:32
metherLovechild: any idea what was the live cd installation problem linux action show kept cribbing about ?10:32
wwoodsf13: ah. yes.10:32
wwoodsI'll make some noise on test-list10:32
f13mether: Apple also doesn't really give you much of a choice on using a filesystem that their tools wouldn't support.10:32
Lovechildmether: I'm just saying before we have said tools in a shape users can operate and that integrates with the system. No users are realistically using it so defacto we don't have that capability10:32
f13mether: We have far too many choices that makes trying to create easy to use tools a nightmare as they would only work part of the time.10:32
metherf13: I suggested long back to drop the rest of the filesystems we kind of allow10:33
wwoodsf13: they used to let you install to UFS10:34
Lovechildmether: They didn't give enough information to actually triage the problem nor even exclude user error.. attempts to get more information is so far unsuccessful10:34
wwoodsexcept if you did, it totally screwed your system10:34
wwoodsahh, 10.010:34
wwoodsfun times10:34
metherLovechild: I send them a mail10:35
wwoodsthere are other bugzilla changes (3.0 wooo) but those are a while off10:35
metherLovechild: err, I will send them10:35
wwoodsoh! if there are bugzilla interfaces (XMLRPC etc) that you need, *please* send me an email10:35
wwoodsso I can let dkl know what interfaces we use, so we can be sure those get ported10:35
Lovechildmether: well maybe they are just ignoring me so maybe if you tried10:36
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mkanatwwoods: I was just reading the spec for all that, the other day. :-)10:37
metherLovechild: live cd installations have all worked successfully for me. So I was just wondering if there was a problem that commonly occured that I didnt know about.10:37
mkanatwwoods: I was chatting with dkl about it since I'm in charge of the WebService, upstream.10:37
wwoodsmkanat: oh excellent!10:37
mkanatWell, kind of in charge of it.10:37
wwoods"in charge" like "you were the last one to touch it! it's yours now!"10:37
mkanatwwoods: LOL. Well, like I wrote a lot of it so it's mine by default.10:38
mkanatwwoods: A lot of Bugzilla is that way, for me. :-D10:39
wwoodsI know how that goes. Well, awesome. Glad to know you'll be involved in that process.10:39
mkanatwwoods: Indeed. :-) You can feel free to ask me about things or suggest things to me, also.10:40
wwoodsBut yeah, I know FESCo and the pkgdb and such use some xmlrpc stuff, so I'll need to mention this to them as well10:40
mkanatAny Fedora QA person is free to ask me about Bugzilla, as long as it's not like, some hours-long explanation thing. :-)10:40
f13I don't know what xmlrpc calls I need to make, I just know tasks I wish to complete10:40
wwoodsf13: right, well, you're OK then. I just need to make sure that the interfaces that some of the tools use stick around10:41
f13like package reassignment, that would do a bugzilla query, find all instances of bugs of a package assigned ot the previous owner, to reassign them to the new owner.10:41
wwoods(or the tools get change right quick)10:41
wwoodsI'm trying to write a wiki page about using Bugzilla in Fedora10:41
wwoodsthere's some stuff that we haven't written down that people should know10:42
mkanatwwoods: You could link that from the New Bug page, too.10:42
wwoodse.g. we ignore pri/sev, we only pay attention to a few bug states, etc.10:42
wwoodsoh good call.10:42
mkanatwwoods: It's just [% IF product = 'Fedora' %] I think, in 2.18.10:42
mkanatIn 3.0 it'd probably be [% IF product.name = 'Fedora' %].10:43
wwoodsVery cool. I'll try to get that set up once we have a page to refer to10:43
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wwoodsgoing back to the rollback discussion for a second10:44
wwoodsfor the F9 cycle I want to focus more on helping people use the tools we've got10:44
wwoodsrather than making new tools10:44
wwoodssomething that does full filesystem rollbacks is a really good example - we already have lvm support for that, just need a good (or merely acceptable) interface10:45
wwoodssame for, like, a tester tool that shows what you've installed recently, lets you roll back to the stable/previous version, etc10:46
wwoodson a package level10:46
wwoodswe already have support for all that stuff in the tools (bodhi, yum, etc) but it needs an interface and docs10:46
wwoodsso I expect to spend most of the next six months working on docs on how we do stuff 10:46
wwoodsand tools that improve those processes10:46
wwoodsstuff like SNAKE and Beaker and Apport will have to wait (or get picked up by other interested parties)10:47
wwoodsso there's the Grand Vision. what that means in concrete terms is probably something like: more bug days and working on stuff we've got10:48
wwoodsand if we have time, making little GUIs for the things we do all the time anyway10:48
wwoodslike yum upgrades and downgrading packages and showing what the common bugs are10:48
wwoodsokay, enough vague philosophy talk10:49
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wwoodsyawn city. getting near the end of the hour.10:49
LovechildI'd ve very sad to see apport fall to the wayside, sadly I'm not capable of picking it up10:49
wwoodsquick recap: I'm mailing test-list about a Bug Day on Dec. 3 and upcoming changes to bugzilla (devel->rawhide, removing test releases)10:50
wwoodsLovechild: yeah, although I think there's a lot of potential for someone to merge apport + packagekit + bugbuddy10:50
wwoodscombine that with standardized bugzilla 3.0 web services and you'd have a sweet tool that works for everyone evverywhere10:50
Lovechildwwoods: oh please don't end the meeting like that, now my floor will be all covered in drool10:50
wwoodswithout so much distro-specific cruft stuffed into it10:51
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wwoodsbasically I'd like to see bugbuddy use PK to get debuginfo, and use some of the ideas from apport about bug retracing and making hashes of tracebacks to auto-find dupes10:52
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wwoodsso if someone wants to talk to the bug-buddy maintainer and drive that project, I'd be happy to provide advice10:52
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wwoodsbut mostly we need to work on getting more people testing updates and rawhide10:53
wwoodsand triaging bugs10:53
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wwoodsanyway. sorry. oh, qa-list is basically closed10:53
wwoods(it's strange that mailman doesn't have a "close list temporarily" checkbox)10:54
wwoodsyou can use bodhi's RSS feeds to track new package updates 10:54
lmackentest notifications will go away soon10:54
lmackeni'm almost done with the captcha code to allow anonymous feedback10:54
wwoodsI'm working on adding info about bodhi to the QA docs10:55
wwoodsmether: are you going to track that firstboot bug?10:55
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mkanatwwoods: I think bug-buddy already supports standard Bugzilla webservices, too.10:55
mkanatwwoods: I know that GNOME was working on it, at least.10:55
wwoodsmkanat: niiiice.10:55
wwoodsso yeah, teach it to install debuginfo packages (where applicable) and we'd be most of the way here10:56
mkanatwwoods: Yeah, GNOME is totally interested in that, too.10:56
mkanatwwoods: They had some discussion about it, maybe you could grab somebody from there about it.10:56
mkanatwwoods: Or I could grab somebody for you.10:56
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wwoodsthat would be very cool10:56
wwoodsin theory it's totally dead simple with BuildIDs in Fedora10:57
mkanatwwoods: Cool. I've pinged Olav Vitters, we'll see if he's around.10:57
wwoodsyou can just look at a header in the core and it'll tell you all the debuginfo you need10:57
wwoodsif we set up the debuginfo building properly you'd just have to do yum install [list of buildids straight from corefile]10:58
wwoodsbut yeah, distro-specific hooks for installing debuginfo would be completely grand10:59
poelcatwwoods: is this in the plans for F9? http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/FeatureApport10:59
wwoodspoelcat: no10:59
poelcatwwoods: i'll remove the target release if you like :)10:59
wwoodsUnless someone else wants to own it10:59
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wwoodsBasically I think the ideas in Apport are sound, but it's something that should go into upstream tools11:01
wwoodsthe current implementation is very ubuntu-y. very brown.11:01
wwoodsokay. is there anything else people wanted to discuss?11:02
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wwoodslet's consider this meeting over, then. thanks for your time, everyone11:03
wwoodsBug Day Monday! Don't forget!11:04
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wwoodsooh maybe we should do pulseaudio bugs11:04
* joejaxx is happy he was able to attend one :D11:04
wwoodsjoejaxx: we're glad to have ya!11:04
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