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* jlaska 10:03
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f13I have to head out in 30~10:04
wwoodsthat's OK, I want to keep it quick10:05
wwoodsbecause - yay! installable rawhide!10:05
wwoodswell, bootable anyway10:06
wwoodsthe only agenda item I have is this: automating rawhide sanity tests / smoke tests10:06
-!- wwoods changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora QA Metting - Automated rawhide sanity/smoke tests10:07
wwoodsso here's the deal. there's a lot of times that we produce a rawhide tree that has unusable images10:07
wwoodslike /init can't run because of missing glibc10:07
wwoodsor udevinfo doesn't run in stage 210:08
wwoodstesting those things is pretty easy: chroot, ldd /bin init10:08
wwoodsor chroot, udevinfo -e 10:08
wwoodsand so on10:08
wwoodsso hey - there should be a whole series of post-build tests for buildinstall10:09
wwoodsto confirm that the tree might actually be usable10:09
wwoodsassuming all those pass.. we should attempt some installs into VMs10:09
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wwoodsthat bit is trickier (i've been reading up on virsh to figure out how to make "snake-install-kvm")10:10
wwoodsbut yeah - that's what I'm planning to focus on for the next week or so10:10
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f13do they go in buildinstall itself, or do they go into whatever is calling buildinstall, or do they go into...10:12
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wwoodsf13: they'll get developed as separate tools initially10:13
wwoodsI kinda think it should be part of buildinstall10:13
wwoodson the one hand, that's more maintenance for anaconda devs10:14
wwoodson the other hand, if it works like it's supposed to, it should increase the quality of buildinstall output10:14
wwoodswhich.. is kind of the point of QA10:14
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wwoodsOTOH I don't really want to write post-build sanity tests in Piles O' Shell10:15
wwoodsbut it should probably go into the anaconda source tree, like good unit tests10:16
f13well, to be fair, the long term plan is that scripts/ moves out of anaconda10:17
f13and likely into pungi10:17
wwoodsf13: oh nice10:17
f13we could take that opportunity to rewrite them, but eh...10:17
wwoodswell, perhaps this stuff will end up in pungi. for now I'll develop it outside10:18
wwoodsI'll try to make it modular.. so piece 1 pulls images and such, and piece 2 assumes you have images and whatnot and operates on them10:18
wwoodswhen it gets integrated into buildinstall or pungi we can chuck piece 110:18
wwoodsjlaska: can I ask you a favor? can you do some install tests on today's rawhide (and/or see if you can get rwilliams to help)10:19
* wwoods WFH today due to busted car10:19
jlaskawwoods: I'll toss it through KATE ... but there are schedule conflicts right now w/ 5.2 :(10:19
f13I'll do some testing when I get back from my speaking engagement10:20
jlaskais there an up2date internal location for rawhide trees?10:20
wwoodsjlaska: gromit10:20
wwoodscheck the snake-server on metroid for URLs10:21
jlaskais the official spot no longer official (ntap-curly.corp.redhat.com:/vol/fedora/rawhide)10:21
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f13jlaska: not right now10:21
f13jlaska: I have to get that wired back up, and that's going ot involve some... guess work10:22
f13for now, gromit.10:22
wwoodsthat was the second-hop location; gromit is the master10:22
wwoodswhich sucks for KATE, which wants NFS access to everything10:22
wwoodsbut that's why snake is around10:22
wwoodsreally I just confirmation - one manual test on bare metal10:23
* wwoods installing in KVM over remote X10:23
f13wwoods: I'm doing the same (:10:24
jlaska     |               Fedora development ppc (20080227)  #                |10:24
jlaskawwoods ^^^10:24
wwoodsjlaska: yep10:24
jlaskawhat services does gromit offer (just http and ftp)?10:25
jlaskaor does it host nfs as well?10:25
wwoodsjust http and ftp10:25
f13there is wallace too10:25
wwoodswallace does rsync of the same bits10:25
jlaskaI'm not fully versed in the syncing process ... but the ntap-curly.corp stuff was very helpful as it could be mounted on any [snake-]server and provide http, ftp, and nfs10:26
jlaskaf13: I know there's lots of hiccups and bumps in the process, right?10:26
f13there were10:27
f13it's a lot smoother now, as we're generating the content in PHX, adn then rsyncing it directly to the netapp in PHX10:27
f13snapmirror takes care of bringing it back to RDU10:27
f13the only hangup is discovering when snapmirror has finished the sync and somehow triggering an rsync to populate /vol/fedora/rawhide/10:27
f13on my list to accomplish this week10:28
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jlaskaf13: ah gotcha, yeah that's what you mentioned before I think10:28
jlaskaf13: sorry, I wish I knew more about the process so I could offer something ressembling a helpful comment ;)10:28
* jlaska likes bits10:28
f13boy, getting stage 2 is taking a while.10:29
f13wwoods: jlaska: in the next couple days, the really important tests to me are going to be installability of default, and also any broken deps found or conflicts10:30
f13I want to get those resolved before we freeze next week10:30
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f13ok, I gotta jet10:31
wwoodsyeah, that's the target10:31
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wwoodsso, yes, getting buildinstall to run reliably (and getting better info on its output) is the main priority10:32
-!- wwoods changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora QA Meeting10:32
wwoodsanything else people want to discuss, or should we just get down on testin' rawhide?10:33
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jlaska                   +---------------+ Error +----------------+10:33
jlaska                   |                                        |10:33
jlaska                   | Unable to retrieve the install image.  |10:33
wwoodsmissing ppc images or something?10:34
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jlaskaI think the images are there ... but there may be an issue loop mounting it10:35
wwoodsworth a ccloser look, I guess10:36
wwoodsi386 in kvm is installing happily10:36
wwoodsoh - is there a template for http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/TestResults/Fedora9Install/Alpha 10:36
wwoodsso we can easily set up a page for Beta when the time comes?10:36
jlaskaI didn't moin template it yet .. .but that should be easy10:37
wwoodscool! well, there's some time yet10:39
wwoodsbut yeah. awesome.10:39
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wwoodsalright, anything else we should discuss?10:40
wwoodsotherwise I'm gonna look into getting a coffee and/or a ride to the office10:40
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