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wwoodsso here's where we're at: final freeze for F10 was yesterday.. which naturally means that everything got broken the night before11:20
f13funnily, it was all things not anaconda, and all things "fixed" without touching anaconda.11:20
jds2001my inbox was filled with tag requests.11:21
wwoodsindeed - there was a HAL bug that made anaconda freak out11:21
wwoodsand.. maybe a NM bug? that also made anaconda freak out11:21
wwoodsanyway - here's the blocker list for F10Preview: 11:21
clumensso, my work here is done?11:21
wwoodsclumens: I dunno, is it? do you know of stuff being queued for a new anaconda build anytime soon?11:22
clumenswe've got some pedantry fixes11:22
wwoodsIf I understand correctly, f13 is about to start a rawhide compose which should fix all yesterday's installer problems (?)11:22
clumensand a save-to-bugzilla fix that should help on respins11:22
clumensand a save-via-scp in text mode fix later.11:23
wwoodsif everything reported to you is thought to be fixed, then we should be throwing people at the resulting images pretty hard11:23
clumensbut nothing of critical import11:23
wwoodshm, okay. I wouldn't consider those Preview blockers offhand11:23
clumens466644 isn't getting fixed without some seriously creative ideas.11:23
wwoodsthat's a don't-do-that-then bug? just need to fix up the translation, I guess?11:24
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clumenswell there's two bugs in that bug.  the actual quote marks right, don't do that.11:24
clumensthe other is that it looks like crap.  and well, sorry.  but it's gonna look like crap in the loader.11:25
clumenswithout said seriously creative ideas11:25
wwoodsUTF-8 in loader: not worth the effort11:25
wwoodsor maybe that's "UTF-8 fixes". either way: oog11:26
f13ok, lets drop it from the blocker lists then11:26
wwoodseverything else seems to be plymouth/modeset stuff11:27
wwoodsand the loop0 junk is the aforementioned HAL bug11:27
wwoodsF10Blocker stands at 57 bugs currently (that includes sub-trackers)11:27
wwoodswould really love to see bug 458738 fixed 11:28
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=458738 medium, medium, ---, anaconda-maint-list@redhat.com, ASSIGNED, tiny text in installer, screen hard to read11:28
wwoodsalso bug 375011, which has the distinction of being the only leftover bug from F9 that made it onto the blocker11:29
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=375011 medium, low, ---, pjones@redhat.com, ASSIGNED, Can't continue installation after running media check11:29
wwoodsdunno if those will make PR though. sigh.11:30
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wwoodsall of the damn press coverage focuses on the installer11:30
clumensfunny, that11:31
wwoodswhich is nonsensical since, y'know, people should only ever see the thing once11:31
wwoodsif ever11:31
* wwoods dreams big11:31
clumensis it any wonder we're all insane?11:31
wwoodsf13: how long 'til we get Preview candidate images? or is that what's being composed right now11:32
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clumensyou guys mind if i add another bug to the f10 blocker?11:34
wwoodsif you think it's a blocker, go for it11:34
wwoodsyou know the typical criteria11:34
clumens468885, added11:34
wwoods(http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/ReleaseCriteria, for the record)11:34
clumenswell it is a... REGRESSION!!!11:35
wwoodsaiiieeee! the R word!11:35
wwoodsNFS installs failing, eh11:35
jds2001oh no!11:35
wwoodswe do have a matrix ready: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/QA/TestResults/Fedora10Install/Preview 11:35
wwoodsI'll be creating similar results pages for live images 11:36
wwoodsand Features, I guess, although the Feature list has changed a bunch11:36
f13wwoods: sortof.  Rawhide today should be close to preview, minus signed packages.11:36
jlaskawwoods: I'm almost wondering if we should not split this out by arch11:37
* jlaska fears we are setting the bar too high11:37
jds2001jlaska: issue is that we get i386 and x86_64 pretty easily.11:37
jds2001ppc is hard for lack of hardware11:38
jlaska"and traces of nuts." :)11:38
* jds2001 recruits wwoods to bang away at his mini for hours and do all the ppc testing :)11:38
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wwoodsmy mini is: a) x86, and b) dead11:39
jds2001oh, well nvm then :)11:39
wwoodsso... no. but I have a dual G5 power mac!11:39
jds2001ok, even better!11:39
jwbi've been testing rawhide on a G511:40
jwbit's been ok11:40
jlaskajwb: I still can't netboot (ppc64.img) or yaboot (ppc/ppc64/{vmlinuz,ramdisk.image.gz}) working from OF ... can you?11:40
* jlaska current on firmware11:40
jwbno, but there are patches floating around for that11:41
jwbit has to do with adding notes to the file images and crap11:41
jwbthere is no "solution" yet11:41
jlaskaoh yes, addnote fun :)11:41
jwbalso, isos and yaboot work fine.  so... trying hard to really care about a bug that has existed since FC6...11:42
jwb(and i have on hardware to test that specific thing on)11:42
jlaskait just limits how I can test fedora ppc on all the hardware in our labs11:42
wwoodsyeah splitting the tests by arch makes the list waaay long11:43
jwbyou can't tftp from yaboot?11:43
wwoodsand makes coverage look really spotty11:43
jlaskajwb: that's waht  I was saying ... that doesn't work for me now using fedora images11:44
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jlaskajwb: not sure if there's a newer yaboot to try11:44
jwboh, i forgot that yaboot just calls OF there11:44
jlaskaI'm using the one I use internally for yaboot'ing *all* RHEL images ... isn't working for F1011:44
jlaskaI tried the yaboot provided in the F10 media, that wasn't happy either11:44
jlaskadunno if there's some funky OF settings that need to be adjusted11:45
jlaskanot sure if dwmw2 would know11:45
* dwmw2 knows nothing11:45
jwbi'll bug the maintainers about it.  we can stop hijacking wwoods' meeting11:45
jlaskaokay, thanks!11:45
wwoodsppc is still a (semi-)primary arch and I want to make sure all 8 of its users are happy11:46
jwbother than that case, it seems to be working well enough11:46
wwoodsmostly because known fedora ppc users are all crazy ninjas11:46
jwbfixed some kernel and glibc bugs last week, so things should be in not DOOM state11:46
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wwoodsso - should we re-merge the x86_64/i386/ppc stuff on the results matrix11:48
wwoodsfor better info density11:48
wwoodsor leave it as-is?11:48
jlaskaI'm okay with pulling into one section, w/ optional columns for arch if we want?11:49
wwoodsyeah, per-arch columns sounds fine11:50
wwoodssure wish we had testopia back11:50
jds2001we now hold a moment of silence for testopia.11:51
wwoodsthank you.11:52
wwoodswe'll talk more about plans for new tools and stuff when we're not, y'know, in the final freeze for a release11:52
wwoodsI don't like how much time I have to spend saying that11:53
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jds2001let's talk at fudcon again.11:53
jds2001i know that dmalcolm is working on something, not sure what.11:53
viking_iceyou do that.. just remember to share it with the rest of the world..11:53
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wwoodsviking_ice: indeed we will - as we tried to do with testopia, alas11:54
wwoodsthere were other things we talked about at FUDCon - like plans for testing rawhide to make sure it's more useful more often11:54
wwoodswhich we haven't had time to implement fully11:54
wwoodsbut we'll get more work done on that later11:55
jwbwhat happened with testopia?11:55
wwoodsI could find a reference to the specific plans if anyone was interested11:55
wwoodsjwb: parts of it are under fedora-incompatible licenses11:55
wwoodsit can't be packaged for Fedora and thus we can't use it11:55
jwbsad clown11:55
wwoodsmostly it's the UI bits11:56
wwoodshonestly, though, I think we could implement a subset of its features, add some neato stuff that would work better for us11:57
jds2001yeah, the ExtJS javascript library11:57
wwoodsand have something better (and lighter-weight) than testopia11:57
wwoodsif we can bring other parts of the fedora project (intrastructure/websites/artwork) to it11:57
viking_iceDoes anyone know if kms inte will or can ( hence be forced ) to make it into final "Everything is going to be filled with I dont get these fancy graphic to work on my computer"11:58
wwoodsit's not going to make it.11:58
wwoodsin fact, radeon might need to be off-by-default.11:58
viking_iceis it ready if so can we make it make it..11:58
wwoodsit's not ready. 11:58
wwoodsnowhere near it.11:59
wwoodsmight land sometime before F11.11:59
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viking_icewell then I guess the best to have nomodetset set by default11:59
wwoodsviking_ice: right, that's part of the plan - see bug 46887912:00
buggbotBug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=468879 medium, medium, ---, airlied@redhat.com, ASSIGNED, ATI needs to opt in for -nr support now12:00
wwoodsoh wait12:00
viking_icetreat all equally hence save us from dealing with all the intel and nvidia users12:00
wwoodsduh. that's something else12:00
wwoodsignore me!12:00
wwoodsanyway it's been discussed.12:00
wwoodsairlied seems to think that radeon modesetting will be much better in preview, so we'll give that a shot and discuss again shortly12:01
viking_iceI know it's been getting better..12:01
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viking_icewe have had several complaints about this not working on the test-list so you can image the load on #fedora and fedoraforums..12:02
viking_iceas in it not working for intel and nvidia owners..12:03
jwbradeon modesetting isn't really the problem12:04
viking_iceyou cant introduce bling bling if everbody cant use it..12:05
wwoodsanyway, the idea of turning modeset off for radeon has been talked about12:05
wwoodsit will be revisited soon12:06
wwoodsafter people have had a chance to test with new stuff12:06
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wwoodsanyway, err12:09
wwoodsI don't have anything else for this meeting12:09
wwoodsthere is much testing to do12:09
wwoodsI recommend CCing yourself on the blockers if you want to stay on top of it12:09
wwoodsand #fedora-devel is where proposed freeze-breaks will be discussed by rel-eng12:10
wwoodswe'll have images soon, rawhide will match with preview.. tomorrow, I guess?12:10
f13well, this afternoon hopefully12:12
wwoodsoh nice.12:12
f13it'll be preview content, minus signed packages12:12
f13and well minus anything we find between now and then that's broken.12:12
wwoodsso that should hit the master mirror in 5-6 hrs and start syncing from there?12:12
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wwoodsare we planning to put candidate disc images on a torrent or anything?12:13
wwoodsor should QA-team folks hang in #fedora-qa if they want the magic URL for candidates images12:13
wwoodserr, 'heh'12:14
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f13probably hang here.12:18
f13I was thinking about doing a pungi spin using the static-repo to pick up the latest fixes12:19
wwoodsokay then. #fedora-qa if you want to get the fressshest bits12:20
wwoodsfor now I need to eat before I have another meeting12:21
wwoodsany other business can go to #fedora-qa12:21
-!- wwoods changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Communicate/FedoraMeetingChannel for meeting schedule12:21
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